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Can Food Replace Medicine?

It's true - "You are what you eat".

I just found a program on the Cooking Channel called The Food Hospital. It's a documentary about a hospital in Britain which treats patients by modifying patients diet. They basically prescribe food and vitamins/supplements as medicine. While the treatment is not a traditional treatment, they are staff by trained medical professionals - a general practitioner, a gastrointestinal surgeon, and a dietitian.

I watched 3 episodes so far, and they treated patients who had diabetes, migraine, sleep disorder, Crohn's Disease, and so on. Watching the changes in some of the patients were quite remarkable. You also get to learn which food is anti-inflammatory, which food is considered Crohn's Disease safe, etc.

Not all illness can be fixed by altering patient's diet, but this show drives the point that what you eat affects your health more than you think it does. My husband is also a living proof - following gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free diet healed his gut issue.

On a separate note, I also love the super sleek and contemporary building :) Oh, and the kitchen! It's so open, sunny, and airy. I love it!

Anyway, I think this show is worth checking out.