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When will the site be complete?
We will always be improving and adding content. However, we are in the building stages right now. We anticipate having the Community section up and running by summer. If you are on our mailing list, we will send out a notice when we complete new areas of the site.

Is your site safe to use and buy products?
Yes. All of our transactions currently go through Amazon as our affiliate partner and they are one of the most trusted names on the web. We take great pains to protect any transaction or your personal information because they are so important to both you and us. Our site has the same encryption and authentication methods as your online bank so you can feel confident your information is safe.

Can I post comments to your site?
Yes, you will need to create a a free account first. You only need to provide a valid email address in order to register. We will not give away or sell your information, however from time to time we may send you updates to the site or information on our site that we think is new or important.

Can I write an article for your site?
Yes. We are working on processes to make sure this happens in as efficient way as possible. We will announce to our mailing list when this feature becomes available.

What is your privacy policy?
The link is available on our homepage and can be found at this location:



Why would recipes containing gluten show up in my search result?
We depend on an external company's data feed for the vast majority of our recipes. The ingredients list is sometimes incomplete and therefore some of the recipes show up as gluten-free. They are working on a solution. Since we have little to no control, we cannot guarantee the results will not show some inconsistencies. We're sorry for any mix-ups this may cause.

Can I submit recipes to be on your site?
Yes. This is in development at this time, but soon we will have the ability for you to submit recipes. We will announce to our mailing list when this feature becomes available.

Do you have printable versions of your recipes so that I can put them in a notebook?
Yes. We will have those available for all of Gluterra's recipes in the very near future.



The search results for the restaurants are not showing what I expected
If the search result is not returning what you expected (i.e. Atlanta, GA returns downtown location and not Midtown, etc. ), then you may want to use an exact address instead of just a city. Results are measured from the city center.

What criteria do you use to consider a restaurant as gluten-free?
At the current time, we are depending on an external company's feed for our restaurant data. The restaurants in the result are either categorized as gluten-free, or one or more of the reviews or descriptions mention gluten-free. If you are traveling and unsure, we would recommend calling ahead to avoid a wasted trip.

Why doesn't "current location" show where I am when searching for a restaurant?
We use the HTML5 Geolocation technology to locate your position. To use this technology, 1) your browser must support HTML5 (most modern browsers do), and 2) you must accept's request for you to share your location with us. When you come to our site for the first time or click the "Find current location" button, you will see a popup message like this:

Would you like to share your location with

By accepting this request, your browser can share your location with If you decline the request a couple of times, the browser will often set your answer as a future preference for and automatically decline our requests. When that happens, you must go to the browser's preferences settings to accept our request again before can locate your position.

Why is there a Gluten-Free option under Restaurant Filter Options? I thought all your restaurant searches were gluten-free.
They are. When you search for a gluten-free restaurant, Gluterra returns a match if 1) the restaurant is categorized as gluten-free in our data feed, -OR- 2) if a review or description mentions gluten-free.

If you prefer to search for only those restaurants in the Category of gluten-free (a much smaller listing) then select the "Gluten-Free" category in "View Filter Options" (the green button at the top of the Restaurants page).

What does it mean when I see "Total restaurants returned: 20" when searching for restaurants?
Our feed source only returns a maximum of 20 or 40 results, depending on the search criteria. If there are more than the maximum number of restaurants that match the search criteria, only the "best match" of restaurants is returned. If you don't see the restaurant you are looking for, it could be because of this restriction. To help fix the problem, try narrowing your search by changing the distance, changing the filter by category, or by entering keywords so less than 20 results are returned.