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When you’re feeling sick, know to ask one simple question

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While talking with a good friend with Celiac’s Disease, I was astonished to find that gluten was in a type of product that I’d little thought about as problem. We were talking about things that we’d found by accident that had gluten in them.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from having a girlfriend with gluten intolerance, and adopting her lifestyle this past year, has been that it’s always safer to ask. The menu says tortilla chips in the salad, right? Sure. But, ask to make sure they’re corn and not flour. But they wouldn’t be flour right? Still best to ask.

Seeing her face drop once as she craved nachos, ordered them and then realized this massive dish served to her had flour chips, not corn.

But, my reason for this post is the non-edible products that have gluten in them, and if you’re intolerant to even the touch of gluten, it’s important to be aware of them.

Many over the counter drugs and prescriptions medicines have gluten in them. So, following that same rule as the food, it’s better to ask than be sick from something that you hoped make you better! In addition, sunblocks, lotions, and creams can all have gluten in them as a product.

It just seems the good rule of thumb in dealing with gluten intolerance is “Ask First, or Pay for it Later.”