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Do any of you have problems with Meat or Dairy products from animals that are fed gluten-containing feed?

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Joined: 07/02/2013

After some issue with grocery store bought eggs and meat, I have grown weary of my meat products being acceptable for me and my partner who is celiac. Both of us exhibit glutened symptoms after eating commercial grade meat, dairy, or eggs, so it makes me wonder if the animal's diet has a direct impact to people with a gluten intolerance/allergy. Our next test is to raise a few chickens in the backyard for eggs, feeding them a completely gluten-free diet and see if it makes a difference. For a long time I've thought I had allergies to dairy and eggs, but after discovering my gluten intolerance, I've begun to think that it isn't the dairy or eggs themselves, but what the animals are fed.

We have switched to buying our meat and eggs from the local farmers who allow their animals to free-range and supplement with no wheat feed and this has made a significant difference in the way both of us feel after our meals. However, I am still a bit concerned since none of them seem to be experienced with gluten-free living.

Has anyone else had similar troubles? If you have an egg or dairy allergy in addition to your gluten/wheat allergy, have you ever considered that it may be the diet of the animal that is causing your allergic reaction? If so, what have you done to improve the situation? Being a gluten-free vegan would be extremely difficult, but has definitely entered into my mind. Has anyone done this and had success with it? Lots of questions, but I'd love to hear some of your stories, suggestions, and thoughts.