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Gluten-Free Pantry French Bread and Pizza Mix

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If you’re a mom like me, most likely you go through bread like there’s no tomorrow. Toast, sandwiches, French toast, a slice of bread with jam… bread is any easy and effortless snack. At least one would hope. If you’re like me though? You can’t tolerate gluten. And if you’re like my son? You can’t tolerate gluten or casein. Sadly, this eliminates so many bread choices.
Several years ago we both went gluten-free. Bread was the very first staple I went on a mission to buy. Boy was that a frustrating experience! The choices I was presented with looked odd to me, like vacuum-packed or something. It looked like a loaf of bread, but it felt a little funny. Some loaves felt dense and heavy, others seemed to have an odd texture or color (something my son would definitely oppose). Seeing these were my options though, I gave them all a try. All of the ones that didn’t contain milk that is- a fairly common ingredient I’ve found in many gluten-free items.
I’ll never forget pulling that first slice out, wary but excited to try it. Yuck! Not only was it the driest bread I’ve ever bit into, but it was practically flavorless. Determined, I experimented with toppings, toasting it… it just wasn’t going to be ideal. My quest continued.
It took me a few weeks to come to the conclusion that if I wanted something good enough, I had to do it myself… kind of. At first I experimented with bread recipes, quickly learning that converting traditional bread recipes to gluten-free wasn’t always successful. It was pricey too! I’m not looking to spend 20 bucks on flours when I just want my son to try a PB&J.
Staring at my bread maker, it occurred to me that maybe some things didn’t have to be completely from scratch. I began scouring the health food stores for bread mixes. Most of the available mixes were eliminated quickly due to milk ingredients, so Gluten-Free Pantry’s French Bread and Pizza Mix was actually the first one I tried.
The first loaf I made was an instant success. My son could barely wait for it to cool before he was scarfing down his first slice. The crust was nice and firm, with a bit of a crispiness about it. The inside of the loaf was nice and soft- not at all dry or cardboardy. My son’s reaction? He LOVED it, especially topped with peanut butter and jelly. Years later, he still eats a slice of it most mornings for breakfast. The joy in his voice when he exclaims, “fresh bread!” makes me feel so good as a mom.
Have I tried other brands? One. It was from a company I adore too! But I was disappointed at the size of the loaf. I quickly learned not to fix it if it isn’t broken, so I went back to buying Gluten-Free Pantry French Bread and Pizza Mix (although I’ve yet to actually make pizza with it yet).
Something I love to do is make a variety of breads- sometimes I add cinnamon and raisins, sometimes zucchini and coconut. Gluten-Free Pantry is great on its own, or with added ingredients. Like most gluten-free baked goods, it will dry out over a period of a few days. I like to slice my loaf on the first day (make sure it’s cooled completely and you use your best serrated knife), then freeze individual slices wrapped in wax paper, stored in a freezer bag.

There’s just something so comforting about a fresh loaf of bread baking in my house. I assure you, Gluten-Free Pantry’s bread mix is worth trying!

4 stars

Gluten-Free Pantry French Bread and Pizza Mix 22 oz
by The Gluten-Free Pantry

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