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Let's Do Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones

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Summertime in New jersey makes me think of the Shore and the Boardwalk. One of the greatest things to do besides bask on the beach and play in the ocean waves is cruise along the Boardwalk for the shops, games and, of course, the food. It's a little tough for someone with Celiac Disease or any type of gluten sensitivity or intolerance to find something to eat (or enjoy the foods you used to eat and love!). One of the best summertime foods is ice cream! I just stopped by New Jersey's famous Kohr Brother's shop the other day and was excited to have the orange and vanilla twist ice cream but again saddened when I had to order it in a cup, and not a cone. I'm used to it of course, but ice cream out of a cone always reminds me of my childhood days when Dad and I used to go to the local ice cream shop to get our ice cream cones. It makes me smile to remember the melted ice cream dripping down my hands while trying to lick the ice cream mound into different shapes. Nostalgia!

How excited was I to find out that a gluten free ice cream cone existed! The Let's Do… Organic Brand by Edward & Sons makes an excellent gluten free ice cream cone made primarily from potato starch and tapioca starch. They are gluten free, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO verified. I bought myself a box which consists of two sleeves of six cones, making twelve total cones. Separate sleeves are a great idea. I did not close the first sleeve tight enough when I opened it, so when going back the next day for another cone, I found the cones to be stale. Luckily I didn't throw the sleeve away. The box states that if the cones lose crispness, you are to preheat your oven to 300 degrees Farenheit and then turn your oven off. You then put the cones in the oven for just two minutes, take them out, cool them, and you're then good to go!

At only 12 calories a pop and 2g of carbs, you can't go wrong with a cone. I find that I actually eat much less ice cream out of a cone than when eating out of a bowl. If you think about it, you can't fit too much, or pile too much in or on a cone, but you (or maybe just I!) can sure fit a lot of ice cream in a bowl. The cones kind of force me into a smaller portioned snack or dessert. There are lots of different kinds of frozen yogurt to buy too, so maybe you can get an extra scoop on top ;)

Furthermore, I'm just so excited that there are gluten free cones, that I eat them too quickly for my hands to get sticky from melted ice cream :) These cones are a definite buy for those missing and craving that childhood nostalgia like me.

Happy Eating!