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Udi's Gluten Free Plain Bagels

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I grew up in New York and live in New Jersey, so there is no shortage of delis with amazing bagels. My old favorites were the classics: sesame, onion, everything, or just a plain 'ol bagel. The toppings always varied- butter, cream cheese, jelly, a combination of cream cheese and jelly, a fancy flavor of cream cheese, toasted, untoasted... the "bagel man" had it all. It was actually fun waiting in line taking in whiffs of the bakery smells, eyeing up the mesh bins that kept getting refilled with fresh baked bagels, watching the workers behind the glass dips their butter knives in the huge mounds of fancy cream cheeses and smothering each half of the bagel generously before wrapping the bagel up in waxed paper.

Then you're diagnosed with Celiac Disease and there are no more trips to the deli. I was really sad for quite some time. I honestly do not remember there even being gluten free bagels on the market when I was diagnosed. I remember looking for them, hoping to reconnect with my glory days with the bagel man. Some brands eventually did come around, but I only remember seeing them on the Internet, and I wasn't going to pay the outrageous prices for the bagels themselves, the shipping costs to have them delivered, and then the extra cooler cost to keep them frozen during the shipping process.

My life saver was Udi's. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the four pack of Udi's Gluten Free Plain Bagels in my local grocery store's frozen food aisle. After checking the ingredients for my other food allergies, I quickly tossed them in my cart, made a beeline for the dairy aisle to pick out a fancy cream cheese and headed home to try them out.

I'm familiar with gluten free breads. Most breads cannot be eaten "raw" for lack of a better term (straight out of the bag). These bagels aren't too bad just defrosted with your choice of topping (butter, cream cheese, etc.). They're a little dry with nothing on top though, but I think regular bagels would be too. Most gluten free bread crumbles easily as well, but these bagels hold together well! I was impressed! However, I think the best way to eat these bagels is by toasting them. Depending on your toaster/toaster oven, I find the best thing to do is defrost the bagel, and then toast it. Some toasters have the option of just putting in a frozen bagel which automatically toasts after it defrosts. This definitely works with this bagel. If you don't have this option, I suggest popping the frozen bagel in your microwave and using the defrost feature before toasting.

After toasting to your desired darkness level, add your favorite topping! Butter melts right in, and cream cheese smooths right on top. First bite-- wouldn't you know-- crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside! It's super close to a deli bagel. Of course, it's not going to be perfect, but I really think Udi's bagels are the closest you'll get and they really are delicious. One thing I will say-- this isn't a bagel that when toasted will last for a while. You'll need to eat it right after toasting. If left for too long it does get a "rubbery" texture to it, so be sure to eat right after preparing. You won't be disappointed!

Another option for these bagels could be for sandwiches. While I have only eaten these bagels as a breakfast option, they would go great with your choice of gluten free deli meats or other types of sandwich salads (tuna, chicken, etc.). Like I said, the bread does hold up and stay together, so go for it! Keep in mind that these bagels aren't as cheap as deli bagels, and whatever toppings (or middles in the case of sandwiches) you put on will add to the cost.

4.5 stars

Happy eating!