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What are some gluten free snacks or lunch?

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Going gluten free and I wanted to know some healthy snacks I can eat for lunch that are gluten free.

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Re: What are some gluten free snacks or lunch?

Hello! Welcome to the forum!

Snacks are, I think, one of the easiest things to find when it comes to Gluten Free options. Mostly, because meals are a slightly larger production. It’s not as easy as grabbing a few ingredients and tossing them together sometimes.

But, snacks! Oh, that’s another story! Particularly when snacks you can eat on a gluten free diet is pretty similar to the types of healthy snacks you want to be eating anyway. It all depends on your pallet and how healthy you want to go.

Dried fruit (or fresh fruit) is always a great option. Nature makes stuff gluten free, and it’s not typically charged more expensively. We really enjoy farmer’s markets this time of year, so that also means finding food that is organic but not expensive (as is sometimes the case in larger grocery stores.)

Trail-mixes (though you still need to be careful) are good options. Check the ingredients first. Some tend have gluten products in them, or are high in preservatives/salt and therefore defeat the whole “eating healthy” part of your question.

Protein bars are also good options, particularly as they are easily packed in a bag/purse/back pocket. The average American doesn’t eat enough protein, too, so this a good option.

If you want to sneak a little (and not wholly unhealthy) are gluten free pretzels, salt free. They won’t bother your tummy, and they’re a nice diversion from the typical health-snack food.

There really are so many options!

Do you like vegetables? Raw veggies are also a great healthy option.

But, I’d expect you’re already aware of these. These are the typical snacks.

We’ve also found homemade greek yogurt a great financial option, and it’s tasty. You can buy cultures for relatively cheap at places like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Other health food stores may also have them. The nice thing about these yogurts is that the cultures are good for you, if you include fruit you have a healthier option, and can include granola or nuts if you desire desire.

Finally, we’ve also found that being healthy can be tasty when you do some tricking out of your senses.

While not really a snack, but a beverage, we also really like making iced tea sun-made in recent weather. A good friend of mine has the habit of putting iced tea with everything, and we started doing it with different juices, but froze them as ice cubes. So you make your iced tea, and then place your juice ice cubes in the glass. Really puts a kick in your glass and is very refreshing sometimes when you’re just looking for something in between meals.

Hope that helps! Have you found anything? What do you find works?