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What's your favorite gluten-free beer?

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Please share your favorites and why they are your favorites.

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Before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, my drink of choice at the after work happy hours and at BBQs was a refreshing light beer. Although it wasn't the first thing I thought about, when diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I thought, "No more pizza and beer?!" After some research, I found out that I did have some options. Luckily you can find some gluten free beer in the liquor stores nowadays, but the selection is usually pretty limited. Although I haven't tried them all, in my opinion, there are two gluten free beers that are great.

The first beer is Redbridge, made by the American company, ANHEUSER-BUSCH. I actually first tried this ON TAP! at a Chicago Uno restaurant (where they have a gluten free menu as well). The first sip of this beer after months of not having beer was amazing. There was a little bit of an after taste, but it was beer, and it was good.

I thought Redbridge was the way to go until one Friday when my friends and I went to our local watering hole and our bartender told me that he had something new for me. He told me it was a gluten free beer called Estrella Damm Daura-a gluten free beer from Spain. It just won a Gold Medal at the World Beer Championships, a Gold Medal at the International Beer Challenge and the World’s Best Gluten-free Lager Award at the World Beer Awards. It's fantastic and I bet that in blind taste tests people wouldn't even know it was gluten free. It's my new go to beer and I recommend it highly.

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Re: What's your favorite gluten-free beer?

The great variety in levels of interlace constantly amazes me when living with folks with gluten intolerance. The conversations at restaurants are perhaps the most informative.

Recently, I was out with my girlfriend and one of her friends. As we discussed various items on the menu in typical pub-fair, they swapped stories almost as someone would battle scars and war wounds. It’s not the first time I’ve heard it. It comes up nearly every time we go somewhere, or discuss an environment where we don’t control the food.

The rule of “Ask First” is always a good idea, even if the menu says gluten free.

Still, I was, perhaps foolishly, surprised about gluten concerns even in beer. For my girlfriend, who has a bite a breaded chicken and is instantly sick, she can handle beer with no problem. There has been no concerns about not feeling well.

For her friend, not even an option. Terribly sick by beer.

Going to a local restaurant in Massachusetts, though, I did spy “Gluten Free” as a beer. Not as a description. That was the name. After inquiring, it was actually a product of Canada, called Glutenberg.

As a beer enthusiast, particularly foreign and craft brews, I had to try it! Gluten free beer? Really?

They offered three flavors. Nothing on tap. They came in cans and a chilled mug (an fifty/fifty start). It was actually really good! I tried the American Pale Ale and the Red. You wouldn’t even know you were drinking a beer without gluten. Really impressed.

So, my point, if you’re missing a favorite beverage and live in Massachusetts, Maine or Vermont try to find one. Have one with a gluten free pizza and it’s just like the old days!

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Re: What's your favorite gluten-free beer?

I keep telling people that the "Gluten Free People" are going to take over the world. My friend just told me that he realizes that we have to pay more for our gluten free foods nowadays... but in a few years he thinks that people will actually have to pay extra for gluten in their food.

Anyway, being that it's summertime, I just drove past a restaurant with tables, chairs and umbrellas outside. Lo and behold... the umbrellas all had "Estrella Damm Daura" written all over them. The world's best gluten free beer in 2011!

Just thought I'd mention that ;)