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How sensitive are you to gluten?

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Please share your experience.

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Re: How sensitive are you to gluten?

My boyfriend and I are both extremely sensitive to gluten. We don't eat anything that is processed on a line that contains wheat, we rarely eat out, and all of our body care products are gluten-free.

I tend to stay away from products that are labeled "naturally gluten free" or "contains no gluten ingredients". They almost always give both me and my boyfriend a glutenous reaction. A lot of these products are easy to make and so I've just started making my own versions. This also cuts costs and makes gluten-free eating no more expensive than any other way of eating. In fact, since we don't eat out, we save such an incredible amount that we can afford to buy really great fresh produce and meat from our local farmers, and still spend less money than when we were eating gluten.

Gluten sensitivity varies from person to person. I'd say that we are pretty extreme gluten-free lifestylers, but my body doesn't lie. It's how it prefers to be. I'm way healthier than I've ever been and often wind up converting people to a gluten-free lifestyle whether they need it or not. Some go completely gluten-free while others just become aware of how much gluten they are indulging, but it never fails that they all come back and tell me how amazing they feel after not having gluten.

- Katrina