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One of the topics I see a lot here on Gluterra, and hear a lot from my girlfriend, is the stigma that can sometimes come with being gluten free. Whether a lifestyle choice, a medical need, or simply from not feeling so hot after eating a piece of bread - it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s even interesting to see that as people become more aware of the existence of Celiac’s or gluten intolerance, they don’t seem to understand what it means or what causes it.

A few friends have even wrongfully thought that those with a gluten intolerance have it because they’ve indulged in it too often. As diabetes has been found to sometimes be caused by a high-sugar diet, they believe that eating gluten makes one intolerant at some point, as if punishment were due for indulgence.

Of course, there isn’t any science to back this up.

That’s why I wanted to write to the greater Celiac’s and gluten free community and just remind you that you are incredible! The amount of difficulty you have to deal with in choosing your diet, and filling your dietary needs, is nothing short of amazing. Unlike someone with an allergy that may be easily avoided, gluten is so often hidden in foods or products that one wouldn’t expect.

Too, often not appreciated as an allergy, you have to deal with stigma. So, as if the concern of keeping yourself isn’t enough, many of you are often educating your neighbors, friends and those you come in contact with. As parents, you have to deal with keeping your choice to raise your children gluten free from well-meaning parents of your child’s friends.

You do so much! Please, don’t forget, you’re incredible. Incredible, because you do it. Incredible because you put up with it. Incredible, because you champion it. It’s really outstanding to be an observer.

As I’ve said, I don’t have issues with gluten, but see how it effects my girlfriend and that’s enough for me to drop it around her. It hurts me to think how it effects her as she has to explain that she’s not sick, she’s allergic to a well-meaning friend.

You do it, and you should all be applauded! Keep it up! Keep searching, keep sharing, keep being you!

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Re: Applause!

That's really nice of you to say, Lucas!

I'm sure your girlfriend appreciates everything you do for her!